When a homeowner has an addition constructed onto the house, that addition will need a roof as well. An experienced roofing contractor can effectively extend the existing roof over that new addition in a seamless manner so nobody will notice there actually were two separate roof installations. The contractor must precisely match the colors and patterns of the shingles that are already on the house. A website such as has information on various services offered by roofing contractors.

In some instances, the homeowner may plan to have the addition constructed at the same time the entire home’s roof will be replaced. For example, consider someone living in a manufactured home that came with a flat roof. This individual wants to expand the living space with a frame-constructed addition. He or she wants the flat roof replaced with a pitched roof. A contractor such as Roofing Solutions of Texas removes the old roof and http://txroofingsolutions.com/ builds the new one, including the underlying structure. Now when people see this manufactured home, they see a building in which one pitched roof encompasses the entire building. Homeowners can find additional info at the roofer’s website.

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The contractor must be careful with valleys in the roof resulting from the addition. These will be on opposite sides of that part of the building. Roof valleys can be prone to leaks, so the homeowner will want a skilled and experienced person for this job. A reputable contractor guarantees the work and will return to do free repair tasks on the off-chance that something goes wrong.

This is also an opportunity for the homeowner to choose an entirely different color and pattern for the shingles, thus completing a further home improvement project. Maybe the person will have the place painted a different color and have the roof be an accent for that new paint job. By the time the work is finished, the home looks almost like an entirely new building. People who haven’t driven by the property in a while will wonder for a few seconds whether the old manufactured home was hauled away and a new one installed on the site.

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